Donuts & Rolls That Are $1.30:

Nut Roll, Caramel Roll, All Fried Cakes (Plain, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Powder & Glazed) Apple Fritter,Fried Cinnamon Roll, All Twists (Sugar & Glazed), Jelly Rolls (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry & Custard, Lemon on Saturday), All Long Johns (Plain, Custard, Cream & Cream Glazed), Butterfly, Baked Cinnamon, Yeast Raised.

All Donut Holes: (Glazed, Cinnamon, Powder) $.50

Pastries & Danish Rolls $1.60:

Small Pecan Rolls, Large Pecan Rolls, Pecan Crisp, Cashew Stick, Peanut Stick, Caramel Danish, Fruit Danish, Coconut Stick


$1.90 Cream Cheese Danish
$2.00 Cream Horn (Made Wednesdays)
$2.50 Eclair & Buzz Bomb (Made in the Fall-Winter-Early Spring ONLY)
$2.00 Bacon Donut (Saturday Only)
$2.00 Pecan Tart (Made Tuesdays)

Cookies $.60

Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Molasses Plain & with Jelly, Fold Over Strawberry & Raspberry, Oatmeal Raisin, Date Nut, Ice Box, Lemon Bar (Made Tuesdays), Fruit Bar, M&M, Sugar Cookie.

Special Cookies:

$.65 Chocolate Drops
$.80 Cut Outs (Seasonal Cut Outs vary by Holiday)

$.65White Chocolate Chunk,

Starbucks Coffee:

$1.75 Short
$2.00 Tall
$2.25 Grande
$1.00 Louie's Mug(re-fill)


$12.00 - Blueberry, Apple, Dutch Apple, Cherry, Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb, Fruit of the Forest, Pecan Pie
$10.00 - Lemon, Coconut, Banana, Raspberry Custard, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Peanut Butter, Seasonal Pumpkin, Egg Custard

Bread, Dinner Rolls & Buns:

$.30 Each Hamburg, Hot Dog, Butter Flake, Swedish Rolls, & Parker House
$3.60 Per Dozen Party Size Hamburg Buns
$1.75 Cinnamon Bread / Cinnamon Raisin Bread
$2.00 Cream Bread,$ 2.50Cream Nut Bread
$2.00 Garlic Toast, White Bread, Butter Crust Bread, Hobo Bread, Wheat Bread
$3.00 All Vienna Breads (Plain, Sesame & Poppy), English Muffin
$4.00 Corn Bread
$4.50 Specialty Seasonal Bread

Cupcakes & More:

$1.00 Plain Cupcake
$2.00 Filled Cupcake
$2.00 Limoncello Cupcakes
$2.00 Small Cake Squares
$.70 Brownies

Old Pan Toffee:

$4.50 Small
$10.00 Large


We have all sizes from layer cakes to sheet cakes. Call 269-781-3542 or stop in and one of our associates will help you find the cake for your special event!

*All prices subject to change.